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As a specialist mobile-marketing agency, we use mobile technologies to connect companies and their potential mobile customers. We design responsive websites, create smart apps, and build mobile strategies.

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Why Trustpilot & Authentic?

Advances in mobile technology have changed the way digital marketing works. There’s more of everything: more users, more competition, and more opportunities.

We exist to help businesses take advantage of this mobile revolution, showing them how they can meet the needs of modern consumers to attract new customers.

We equip ourselves to do this by taking the time to learn everything we can about how they operate. By identifying pain points, we can figure out the most efficient and cost-effective way to make improvements.

We understand that the success of online services and stores will always come down to how well they give users what they want, and there’s no better way for a business to inspire confidence than to provide honest, meaningful feedback from real customers. That’s why we so heartily recommend Trustpilot to our clients.

We can help you grow your business with:

  • Responsive mobile-first website designs that look great on any platform.
  • Smart mobile apps that promote your brand in a growing sector.
  • Mobile strategies to reach people anywhere at any time.
  • Efficient digital advertising that suits your goals.
  • Cost-effective copywriting that drives conversions.

Through our work with international powerhouses such as Rolls-Royce and SLR Consulting, as well as great local companies including TDC Systems, the Grand Pier, and Just Recliners, we’ve firmly established Authentic as an agency that puts in the effort to fully understand its clients.

“Authentic provided great insight, strategy and dedication in creating for us a market-leading site. Their knowledge and expertise were invaluable throughout the project, especially during the launch." — Rolls-Royce

“Our new site has increased our business by about 30%! Authentic’s attention to detail and friendly approach have made the whole process simple and enjoyable. The site answers all the questions for our customers. Highly recommended; this is a very professional company." — Just Recliners

Don’t get left behind. Mobile technology has the potential to transform your business.

Want to know more? Get in touch today on 01172 300 100, at

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