DGCAL is an innovative web factory born in 1999, based in Palermo and Milan. We are specialized in fashion and luxury digital projects, and actually we support several italian companies in the realization of national and international-oriented E-Commerce. Our main product is “Pixhello”, a saas project that optimizes and compresses websites images in real-time awarded in 2018 with “Premio Innovazione SMAU”.


About Pixhello

imgfortrust1-right column - Gianluca Calafiore

Pixhello optimizes, compresses and speeds up your website images in real-time with benefits like:

  1. Compressed images without unnecessary bytes
  2. Post produced images without loss of quality
  3. Soft images globally delivered through CDN Amazon CloudFront
  4. Real-time perfect copy of the Master image
More on Pixhello
imgfortrust1-right column - Gianluca Calafiore

DG CAL Pixhello

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