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The Personalization Platform to Boost ROI. Built to help marketers get their jobs done.

Fresh Relevance provides real-time personalisation and automation across email and web that optimizes revenue for eCommerce companies. It tracks all behaviour in real-time and uses this to personalise the shoppers journey on all channels and devices.

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Why Trustpilot & Fresh Relevance?

Trustpilot and Fresh Relevance partnered to enable businesses to seamlessly feature social proof in their digital marketing. Showcase brand trust, get closer to customers, and accelerate business with more compelling emails and webpages.

The integration

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Feature Trustpilot reviews and ratings into Fresh Relevance email campaigns and webpages. Your business has full control of how ratings and reviews are presented so that the use of this content is consistent across all channels.

This integration is developed and maintained by Fresh Relevance.

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