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#FAQFriday - Thinking Outside the TrustBox

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

In this #FAQFriday article, we look at the various ways you can leverage customer reviews outside of Trustboxes, and outside of the digital marketing space. We also cover a few questions on our brand and marketing guidelines and how we make it easy to highlight your reviews.

Trustpilot #FAQ

Last time on #FAQFriday, we delved into Trustpilot’s TrustBox widgets and showed you how your business could easily display its reputation on-site using customer reviews. This week we encourage a new strain of creative thinking on how to use your best reviews beyond on-site display.

Your reputation and customer reviews are valuable marketing tools that give your business validation and social proof. There’s no denying it when 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as friends. It takes a lot of effort to continuously collect reviews, so it’s important you get the most out of the reviews you’ve received.

Leveraging your reviews in both online and offline marketing initiatives is a great way to boost viewer engagement and advert conversion. In addition, displaying your Trustpilot TrustScore and star-rating is a unique way of showing your audience and shoppers how trusted your business is by highlighting authentic experiences from previous customers.

Take a look at all the cool ways Trustpilot customers have showcased their reviews and ratings in advertisements.

Digital Advertisements (1)

Email marketing

Email Signature - with the TrustBox Signature


Email newsletter - with the TrustBox Signature

Online Media - Emai Marketing -


Offline Billboard Advertisement

Print Ads

Broadcast Ads

TV Video-TV
TV Video+-+TV

If you’d like to see more examples and get a detailed walk-through on how to leverage your Trustpilot reputation throughout your marketing mix, then check out our webinar “Thinking Outside the TrustBox”. This webinar discusses best practices and presents real-world examples of other Trustpilot customers who are using their reviews and TrustScore in creative ways. Like in all our webinars, a Q&A session was held at the end of this webinar, and below we have shared the answers to these questions.

Q: When using Trustpilot’s branding in online and offline adverts or campaigns, are there best practices customers need to align with?

A: Yes, we have a set of guidelines and do’s and don'ts - tips that you can find in this Brand Style Guide. This guide will take you through the best use of our logo and stars, include coloring, placement, and sizing, so you can customize your advert to fit your branding style. When getting creative with your adverts, feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager for a style check.

Q: When using your reviews in different marketing channels, is it okay to remove the last name of the reviewer to keep them less identifiable?

A: Absolutely! While you should not change the text or content of the review. It is perfectly fine to remove the reviewer’s last name or just use the first initial of the last name to keep the reviewer more anonymous.

Q: If I use a review in my advert, do I need to inform the reviewer?

No, you do not need to receive consent from the reviewer to use the quote in your advert, as the reviewer has already agreed to sharing their review publicly per agreeing to Trustpilot’s terms and conditions.

Q: How can I get ahold of the brand assets?

A: You can access and download our official Brand Assets Package from your business portal.

Q: Does Trustpilot have any templates that we could use to create our adverts?

A: At the moment we offer sizing templates for banners of all different sizes in an Adobe Photoshop file form.

Q: In regards to the TrustBox widget for email signature, whenever the score changes on the site, would this update and reflect in my email signature?

A: Yes, the TrustBox signature is a live feed, so it will update to reflect the TrustScore and star-rating you have on site!

Q: When the TrustScore is used in online and email ads, are they clickable links?

A: When using the TrustBox widget in emails and newsletters, it will always be clickable bringing the viewer to your Trustpilot webpage. However, if you use Trustpilot’s brand assets to create your own arrangement of logo, stars, and reviews then you must create the link yourself. This can be done by embedding a hyperlink in the image of the Trustpilot logo or star-rating.

If you have any further questions about using Trustpilot’s branding assets to optimize your adverts, our Customer Success team is always available to help you make the most impact with your reviews!

Want to inspire others and share how you use Trustpilot’s branding in your adverts? If yes, then submit an image of your advert to We’d love for you to share your creative ideas and great designs, so please don’t be shy to share!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Thinking Outside the TrustBoxes! Tweet us at @Trustpilot using #onTheBlog and #FAQFriday. If you think we’ve overlooked anything, ask away!

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