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Deepen your customer experience with AI-powered tools

fredag 17 maj 2024

Build trust, grow, and improve your business like never before.

Introducing new AI-powered features that help Scale-ups and Enterprises better connect with their customers and scale commercial growth.

Today, reviews are fundamental to consumer buying decisions, and most simply won’t shop with a brand if they can’t browse online customer feedback. According to Canvas8, a massive 89% of consumers check reviews online before they make a purchase

Over 50 million consumers turn to Trustpilot every month to read or write reviews about experiences with brands. With the right tools, these provide unparalleled access to rich consumer insight, data on competitors, and market trends. Bigger businesses collecting hundreds of new reviews each month are often challenged with finding the time and resources to dive into their feedback and extract meaningful information or responding to a high volume of reviewers promptly. 

Our newest features harness the power of AI to help businesses uncover what’s important to their customers, get and stay ahead in their market, and respond more efficiently;  building deeper trust between brands and consumers.

AI-Assisted Review Responses

Businesses can now respond to even more customer reviews — while maintaining their brand integrity — with AI-assisted review responses.

Designed to help businesses manage large volumes of reviews, artificial intelligence, trained from past responses, suggests and auto-populates responses to your reviews. Get tailored replies to customer feedback that incorporate your brand tone of voice and typical patterns for resolving issues or thanking customers.

And no need to worry about losing that important connection that comes from responding to reviews. Before replies are posted, you’ll have the opportunity to change anything or generate new suggestions, only sending the reply when you’re completely happy with it so you always maintain full control of how your brand appears.  

During pre-launch testing, the companies using the tool found AI-assisted Responses lowered response times by 30% on average. Instead of simply responding to responses, they had more time to actually solve issues in their customer experience.

AI assisted replies

Review Spotlight

Customer feedback provides rich insights to help you improve and grow your business. But the more you have, the harder — and more time-consuming — it can be to surface key insights. Review spotlight takes the legwork out, giving you a deep look into your customer feedback in a matter of seconds. Using Google’s Generative AI, review spotlight brings millions of data points together, helping you get actionable insights from your reviews.

Delivered straight to your inbox weekly or monthly,  simple review summaries highlight common themes and recommended actions to address, eliminating the need to sift through multiple reviews and data points. Save your business time and resources and get closer to common customer issues before they escalate.

Review spotlight

Market insights 

Understanding how your customers really feel about your business is key to building a better business. But what about your competition? How do you stack up against them when it comes to customer satisfaction? 

Now, with market insights, you can compare your own review data and insights with similar businesses in your industry. Powered by machine learning and AI, market insights is an analytics solution that helps you easily understand your market and industry position.

image (8)

Dive deep into your standing against competitors with four main components: 

  • Market Insights (Overview): A high-level overview of your business’s market performance. Understand where you are winning and where you need to focus. 

  • Market Trends: Look at trends and changes in your TrustScore, total number of reviews, and market position to see how they’ve evolved over the past six months. Leverage the data to develop your strategy. 

  • Market Peers: Search for your competitors and compare your brand's trust with theirs. Explore number of reviews, replies, and average time to respond to negative reviews. 

  • Market Topics: Understand which topics matter the most to customers in your market. See where you rank against your competitors and build an action plan to grow your business further.

TrustScore Forecast

71% of people say it’s more important  today to trust the brands they buy from/use than it was in the past. And this consumer trust is critical to commercial growth, with over 59% of consumers being more likely to purchase a product from a brand they trust.  

Your TrustScore is one of your most important customer satisfaction metrics. With the TrustScore Forecast tool, we combine your past and current review data with customizable predictions to project how your TrustScore may change over a 6 month or 12-month period. 

You can plan for specific scenarios, like increasing your review invitations, and use review data to identify areas to improve. With a better understanding of scenarios that may impact your TrustScore, you will be in greater control of your commercial outcomes and plan for all eventualities.

Market insights 2

To find out more about all of these features and other ways to unlock the full potential of customer reviews Request a demo to see about how Trustpilot can help.


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