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Review Insights: Using the wealth of insights in your customer reviews to better your business

måndag 3 juli 2023

Many companies believe they already know what’s best for their customers.

Some companies believe that with so many different customers, it’s impossible to please all of them — and pointless to try. When it comes to customer experience, neither of these extremes are true.

You’ll never be able to please every single customer, but if there are areas where the majority of your customers are unhappy then you should be listening. And if there are areas where the majority of your customers love what you’re doing, you should make sure to lean into that and keep it as a focus for your brand.

Think of your customer reviews as a wealth of consumer insights that hold the key to success for your business. But the more reviews you have, the harder it can be to try and guide your decisions with such a vast amount of – often conflicting – data.

That’s why our team developed a tool called Review Insights — so businesses like yours can easily uncover the consumer insights trends within your Trustpilot reviews. No heavy lifting required!

Consumer insights answer questions before you ask them

Terms like data and insights might seem vague, which can make it hard to relate them to your brand.

Having website or checkout issues during large volume shopping periods? New trends in your reviews could help you be aware of these as soon as possible so you can get back up and running and minimize any lost revenue.

Relying on a lot of customer service reps or sales reps? By adding tags to your reviews it can automatically tie each review to an individual rep, so you can spot trends within feedback around each of them to understand where training is needed and how well they’re each performing.

Struggling to get pricing just right? In depth insights into how your customers are mentioning pricing in their reviews could help you understand if you could raise your prices a little for a better bottom line, or lower them a little so you can appeal to more customers, grow your customer base, and stop losing potential customers to prices that may be a little unrealistic.

There are so many ways that trends in customer reviews have helped companies improve their businesses, and the list is constantly growing.

Go deeper than a simple star rating

When you use Review Insights, our AI is automatically sifting through all of your reviews. It easily spots all of the trends in them that might help you improve your business. You’ll even receive a monthly consumer insights report that simplifies these trends, easily guiding decisions in different areas of your product, customer experience, and more.

Trends in customer reviews

Looking at reviews in terms of star ratings can only get you so far. Often 4-star reviews will be mostly positive but contain one or two negative comments. These negative comments show you the areas where your business came up just a little short of delighting your customer.

Insights can change your customers from satisfied to ecstatic

The negative comments in otherwise great reviews are a gold mine for you in terms of knowing what you need to do to turn your satisfied customers into ecstatic customers. But going through these reviews manually to do this exercise would be an absolute nightmare.

Review Insights can detect many different sentiments in each review, and it knows whether each is positive or negative. It’s smart enough to understand that there are positive sentiments in negative reviews, and vice versa.

Once the tool pinpoints the negative sentiments in your 4-star reviews, you’ll easily see where you’re coming up short and what you need to do to turn those 4-star reviews into 5-star reviews. This means more customers raving about your business and influencing those around them to try out your brand.

A look into your business from the most important angles, at any given time

Depending on the nature of your business, some terms will come up in reviews more frequently than others.

Looking at different common terms in your reviews

Whether it’s your shipping and delivery, pricing, or something more specific to your business Review Insights gives you a snapshot into exactly how each different aspect of your business is performing, at any given moment. It also shows you how they change over time. Watching these terms month over month gives you a quick snapshot into areas of your business that are improving and areas that are declining.

This helps you spot problem areas that you need to be focusing on. With Review Insights quickly identifying potential issues for you, you're able to handle and correct them before the problem gets any larger.

Be alerted as new trends emerge

The thing about review data is that it’s constantly changing. As your business changes, your reviews change with it. This is why it’s so important to keep monitoring these trends, instead of just checking how your brand is doing here and there.

This allows you to stop negative trends as they’re happening, instead of finding out about them after you’ve potentially lost business.

Watch as new trends in your reviews emerge

Fortunately, Review Insights does this for you. On top of monthly consumer insights reports, you’ll also receive detailed reports as new trends emerge within your reviews. This allows you to adjust your business operations to keep your customers as happy as possible.

The data is already at your fingertips. Tap into it with Review Insights

Using reviews as a way to engage with your customers is excellent for your customer experience, especially with customers that are unhappy. But fixing the larger trends behind why many of your customers are unhappy removes the problems before they even begin.

With Review Insights you can better understand your customers, so you can give them exactly what they want and keep them coming back for life.

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