How PayAsUGym exercise their online reputation for online visibility

fredag 15 juni 2018
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As life never seems to slow down, finding time to exercise might not be a priority.

For the PayAsUGym team finding time to work out doesn’t need to be a stress, by offering complete flexibility over what gym you go to, what time you visit the gym and even what membership you purchase.

Yet trying a gym you like on a one-off basis can be daunting; after all, you don’t know what the facilities are like or how you’ll feel there. That’s why customer feedback is key for this fitness network of over 2,500 gyms.

And that’s why PayAsUGym are part of Trustpilot.

Key information

  • Joined Trustpilot in 2016

  • TrustScore of 8.9 out of 10 from 200+ reviews

  • Google Seller Ratings appear in 82% of ads

Why PayAsUGym joined Trustpilot

With dedication to online ads and improving online visibility, PayAsUGym saw the online benefits online reviews can bring.

“We were really keen to collect online reviews for a number of reasons, but primarily because we wanted to see how our customers feel and what we can be doing online to improve their experience and gain more customers,” says Joe Sherman, Head of Customer Acquisition and Retention.

“We spend a lot of money through Google Ads and we want to make our conversion with that better too.

“Online reviews helped us get this insight we were missing,” says Joe. “We really appreciate the outside-in look at our company. It helps us shape our business which, ultimately, benefits the customer.”

Reviews have helped us gain a better understanding of our brand

The impact of online reviews

The customer feedback collected has already partly hit PayAsUGym’s goals.

“Google shows our Google Seller Rating, which can only be built by engaging with customer feedback, in 82% of our ads. The clicks on these ads have definitely increased,” says Joe.

“Since putting the reviews on our website, there have been increased click-through rates. The reviews really merged seamlessly with our brand, which is great.

“And we’ve started to notice how well our website is performing. Searching for ‘pay as you gym’ typically brings up our webpage first, with the Trustpilot reviews just below. There’s simply less reason to back away from visiting us,” says Joe.

Feedback is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition - it gives you far more insight than you could ever wish for.

How is feedback used?

Internally and externally, PayAsUGym are making sure their feedback is everywhere.

“We’ve built the Trustpilot widget onto our site, we share reviews via social media, and we circulate reviews internally,” says Joe.

“Reviews have helped us gain a better understanding of our brand. It’s been great to reinforce that the work we do really is helping people.”

Aims with Trustpilot

“We want to engage with more Trustpilot tools and keep building our audience,” says Joe.

“Our aim is to get 1,000 reviews by the end of the year. Then we’ll look at more ways to share the reviews and really utilise the feedback we’re getting.

“Trustpilot is such a recognised brand in the UK that it’s great to engage with the tools and services on offer as much as possible. Feedback is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition - it gives you far more insight than you could ever wish for.”

If you too want to start showcasing your company's reputation online, create a free Trustpilot account below.


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